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PBU in Numbers HERITAGE Zamosc 2022 project's map

Holidays with PBU projects

As part of the series "Holidays with PBU projects", which we started last year, we invite you to visit our projects. Thanks to their implementation, many places have taken on a new shine and new tourist products, including various trails, exhibitions and open-air events have been created. Please check some of such places worth visiting and events worth attending.

PART I: Korycin (PL), Petrovichi (BY), Vynohradiv (UA)

PART II: Leszno, Smolnik, Baligród, Rzeszów, Orla, Mokobody (PL), Gomel (BY), Pereczyn (UA)

PART III: Bieszczadzki National Park, Tarnawa Niżna, Lutowiska (PL), Hrodna (BY), Kosiv, Kolochava (UA)

PART IV: Bukowiec (PL), Hrodna (BY), Urych (UA)

PART V: Drohiczyn (PL), Loev in Dniepro-Sozhsky Reserve (BY), Peremut and Luky lakes (UA)

PART VI: Krasiczyn (PL), Hrodna (BY), Zhovkva and Lutsk (UA)

PART VII: Lublin (PL), Augustów Canal (BY), Pip Ivan Mountain (UA)

PART VIII: Korycin, Okuninka (PL), Brest (BY), Haivka village, Uzhhorod (UA)

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