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Dobrosynsko-Magerivska village council

Organisation name in national language

Добросинсько-Магерівська сільська рада


80337 Добросин





Lviv Oblast


1.3 Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution

Legal status of organisation

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Name & surname

Микола Сало

Position/function within the organisation

Сільський голова




Project idea (in English)

«Clean environment - healthy community». Joint protection of people and the environment by sewerage of streets and construction of sewage treatment plants in Dobrosynsko-Magerivska village council. There is an urgent need to construct sewage treatment facilities and sewerage streets in the community. Since households have only private sewerage or no sewerage at all, this leads to the ingress of sewage into the soil, water, and rivers, which in turn leads to pollution and negative environmental consequences. Problem: Lack of sewage treatment facilities and street sewage for residents and industrial enterprises. The Bila River flows through the territory of the Dobrosynsko-Magerivska territorial community, which originates in Roztochia and flows into the Rata River, which flows into the Western Bug and the Vistula River, which flows into the Baltic Sea, so it is extremely important to preserve and protect the ecology of these rivers from domestic and industrial wastewater.

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