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Foundation for Democracy Assistance

Organisation name in national language

ГО "Фонд сприяння демократії"


вул. Богданівська, 5а
03049 Київ





Lviv Oblast


5.1 A safer and more secure Europe

Legal status of organisation

non-governmental organisation (NGO)

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Юрій Гончаренко

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Project idea (in English)

The unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine poses a threat to all our country's neighbors. Among these, our neighbors, particularly Poland, have provided Ukraine with significant support. Recognizing this, Russia seeks to destroy cooperation between Ukraine and Poland at all costs, including through the spread of disinformation and provoking hostility. In acknowledgment of this situation, the NGO 'Democracy Promotion Foundation' initiated the creation of the 'Intermarium' Information Centre back in 2017. By reminding us of the shared past of our countries and the concept of a regional union, it pointed the way forward. Since the onset of the full-scale invasion, we see an even greater relevance in the development of this project and are seeking partners, as well as potential grant support. This will aid in developing the initiative through its formalization, conducting international events (conferences, seminars), and daily efforts to counter disinformation aimed at destroying the friendly Polish-Ukrainian relations. Project website (beta version):

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