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Executive Committee of the Varash City Council

Organisation name in national language

Виконавчий комітет Вараської міської ради


майдан Незалежності, буд.1, м. Вараш, Рівненська область, Україна
34400 Вараш





Rivne Oblast


1.2 Promoting access to water and sustainable water management

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Ірина Барабух

Position/function within the organisation

Начальник управління економіки та розвитку громади




Project idea (in English)

The reconstruction of the water supply system of the Varash community will make it possible to provide the population of the city of Varash (42 thousand people) with high-quality drinking water, continuous control of technological processes of water supply, reduction of energy consumption due to increased efficiency of management and timely implementation of planned and preventive works. Within the framework of participation in this program, it is proposed to allocate funds for the modernization of the water pumping station of II and III elevations by replacing pump units and installing an automated pump control system in the water supply system. The Varash community can share the practical experience of providing the population of the city of Varash with water in the event of a complete blackout in Ukraine.

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