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"Uzhgorod District Development Agency"

Organisation name in national language

КП "Ужгородське районне агенство розвитку"


с.Кам'яниця, вул Ужанська, 105
88000 Ужгород





Zakarpattya Oblast


1.1 Promoting climate change adaptation, and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

Legal status of organisation

non-governmental organisation (NGO)

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Степанова Наталя Іванівна

Position/function within the organisation

фінансовий менеджер




Project idea (in English)

The creation of the "Marichka" public recreation park is a very beautiful corner of nature, it significantly improves the microclimate of the village and protects it from adverse winds The global idea of ​​the park is to preserve biodiversity, increase the ecological awareness of young people, as well as increase the collection of monoplants to large-scale sizes for the future breeding of planting material of plants of various species and varieties. centers of conservation of aboriginal and introduced tree species, in particular rare ones An important direction of the park is the restoration and reconstruction of historical park landscapes. Landscape compositions and vegetation are a special value of the park. This area is a great place for family walks. During walks, there is an opportunity to visit places for collecting mushrooms, berries, nuts, and various herbs. Despite the satisfactory state of the forest park landscape as a whole, there are currently no recreational areas developed on the site. Using the existing landscape situation as a basis, it is proposed to organize the te

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