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NGO Regional Development Agency “KHARD “Khust-Europe-Center”

Organisation name in national language

НГО Хустське агентство регіонального розвитку ХАРР “ХУСТ – ЄВРОПА – ЦЕНТР”


вул. Зарічна 23
90400 Хуст





Zakarpattya Oblast


1.1 Promoting climate change adaptation, and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

Legal status of organisation

non-governmental organisation (NGO)

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Yurii Potrohosh

Position/function within the organisation

Chairman of the Board




Project idea (in English)

The problem that the Project aims to solve is the need to overcome the critical environmental situation caused by waste: its generation, accumulation, storage and processing, which is characterized by the further development of threats to the natural environment, public health, to the local economy and conditions life in general. With waste, in addition, a significant resource potential is lost, and therefore the issues of their recycling are actualized. The problem of waste in our region is characterized by a special scale and significance, both due to the dominance of resource-intensive multi-waste technologies in the national economy, and due to the lack of an adequate response to its challenges for a long time.

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