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Feast of cross-border cooperation in Zamość

26 / 07 / 2022
Category: Programme News

It was a hot day for the Polish and Ukrainian beneficiaries - together with the city of Zamość, we put almost the entire Great Square at their disposal, so that in one place the inhabitants of the border region and tourists could learn more about the results and themes of cross-border cooperation in line with the event's motto - "Let's meet in Zamość".

When the stage was filled with singing and dancing, the “project town” was already teeming with workshops and competitions, during which the youngest participants learned the secrets of the Białowieża Forest and the Bug River valley with flushed faces. Next to it, there was a huge swimming pool ­– an arena for demonstrations by canoeing masters and promotion of the project implemented by the Drohiczyn municipality. Anyone willing could go canoeing with a view of the Zamość Town Hall, whose 52-metre-high tower witnessed amazing events. Every now and then, as part of the mountain rescue demonstrations, someone was transported down from the tower on ropes attached to a GOPR vehicle. Certainly everyone felt very safe, as a medical rescue vehicle with crew and a fire engine were stationed right next to it. The programme of the event was filled with attractions for younger participants, and the children and young people from Poland and Ukraine created the main artistic part. This was a reminder that 2022 is the European Year of Youth.

The official welcome to the participants was given by: Mr. Andrzej Wnuk, Mayor of Zamość (on behalf of the host town of the event), Mr. Rafał Baliński, Director of the Department of Territorial Cooperation at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy (on behalf of the Managing Authority of the PBU Programme), Mr. Roman Shepelyak, Director of the Department of International Technical Assistance and International Cooperation of the Lviv Regional State Administration (on behalf of the Ukrainian regions participating in the Programme), and Mr. Bogdan Kawałko, Director of the Department of Strategy and Development at the Marshall Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship (on behalf of the Polish regions participating in the Programme). The Polish and Ukrainian sides received symbolic drawings commemorating Zamość, presented by Mr. Leszek Buller, Director of the Center of European Projects. Mrs. Eliza Dzwonkiewicz, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Lviv, was also a special guest at the PBU Programme's annual event.

The event was attended by nearly 1,000 people from Poland and Ukraine.

On behalf of the Managing Authority and the Joint Programme Secretariat, I would like to thank very much all Programme beneficiaries for organising the shows, workshops and performances, for filling the most important event for the Programme this year with attractive content. We have shown that despite difficult, dramatic times we can be together – said Andrzej Słodki, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat.

Our event was co-created by representatives of projects from Drohiczyn (BugUnitesUs, BugGuardians), Sanok (SOSRescue; OilCradle i SaltyHistory), Tomaszów Lubelski (RESCUE), Zamość (PLUARoztocze), Korycin (CraftNet), Księżpol (K&K:PolUA), Lublin (TouchingThePast), Białystok (CBCpaths), Krosno (Moviecities), Białowieża and Hajnówka (NatureTreasury), Myszyniec (PROFolk), Zagórz (Touch_history), Suwałki (EACH), Radzyń Podlaski (PL) and Ternopil (EACH), Lviv, Javoriv (ROSETTES), Kosiv (ROSETTES; CarpathianBee), Chervonohrad (K&K:PolUA), Lutsk (PROFolk), Boryslav (OilCradle i SaltyHistory) (UA).

Playing and singing were young and old involved in projects from Myszyniec, Hajnówka, Księżpol (PL) and Chervonohrad and Lutsk (UA).

The evening concert was graced by the bands: "Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja" ("The Saint Nicholas Orchestra") from Poland and "Yoryi Kloc" from Ukraine, which jointly implement the MuZa project.

Many thanks to all!  

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