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New Guidelines on Expenditure Verification

13 / 07 / 2022
Category: Programme News

To follow the European Commission latest provisions concerning restrictive measures towards bodies and persons that directly or indirectly support Russian military aggression in Ukraine or they are responsible for those actions, we have prepared a new version of the GUIDELINES ON EXPENDITURE VERIFICATION (8.0) available for download here.

The following sections of the guidelines were supplemented and updated:

  • Updated Annex No 4a
  • Updated Annex No 6
  • Updated Annex No 6a
  • Updated Annex No 12a 
  • all annexes were marked by the EU emblem instead of the PBU logo.

Guidelines are also available on our website: Documents/Manuals → IMPLEMENTATION PHASE → Large Infrastructure Projects, Regular projects, Micro-projects PBU2, Micro-projects PBU3

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