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Supplement to the Programme Manuals related to suspension of the Financing Agreement

16 / 05 / 2022
Category: Programme News

Due to suspension of cross-border cooperation with Belarus (as JTS informed on 04/03/2022) it was necessary to develop new procedures to make it possible for non-lead beneficiaries from Poland and Ukraine to operate separately and to become independent from institutions from Belarus.
In addition, it became necessary to provide further facilitating measures for the Polish-Ukrainian projects, first to enable individual approach to situation of each beneficiary and secondly to direct Programme savings into ongoing projects to add humanitarian aid and other activities relevant for the victims of the war in Ukraine including refugees.  

Therefore the Joint Monitoring Committee approved on 13th May 2022 Supplement to the Programme Manuals (applicable for the LIP, PBU1, PBU2 and PBU3 call for proposal projects) and the template of the Subsidiary Contract (focused on the BY partnership projects).
The JMC decided also to treat all expenditures by the Belarusian beneficiaries incurred and paid from 24.02.2022 as ineligible.

The Joint Technical Secretariat will contact the beneficiaries individually now to suggest the best possible alternative to take advantage of solutions provided by the Supplement.

ENI subsidiary contract template

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