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Programme 2021-2027

Preparation of the Programme 2021-2027

The work on the preparation of a new Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme for the years 2021-2027 is in progress.

In the new perspective, programmes at the external borders of the European Union will be implemented within the framework of the ‘European Territorial Cooperation objective (Interreg) and the new ‘Neighbourhood, International Cooperation and Development Instrument’.

To prepare the new Interreg PBU Programme, the Joint Programming Committee (JPC) was set up. Representatives of the national and regional authorities from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as institutions representing economic and social partners and civil society in all three countries, are nominated to the JPC.

In October 2019 the first JPC meeting took place. Central aspects of the new Programme were discussed: Programme area and selection of objectives that Programme will address. The representatives of three countries have decided that the Programme area remains unchanged in comparison to the current one. This decision is in line with published in January 2020 the European Commission recommendations relating preparation of the Programme. Considering inter alia results of the public survey (about the selection of objectives to be implemented by the new Programme) the JPC members recommended to continue further works on three (out of five) objectives of the cohesion policy for years 2021-2027:

  • A Greener, Low-carbon Europe;
  • More Social Europe;
  • A Europe Closer to Citizens.

Currently, representatives of the three countries participating in the Programme work on the detailed shape of its new edition. The socio-economic analysis of the Programme area which is currently being prepared by the team of experts will be the basis for further decisions regarding the selection of objectives and specific actions that the Programme 2021-2027 will implement.

The shape of the new PBU Programme will largely depend on the final decisions of the European Union regarding the legal framework and budget of the 2021-2027 EU financial perspective. After developing of the Programme and its strategic environmental assessment, they will be the subject of public consultations in each country. Once all the comments and recommendations are taken into account, the Programme will be submitted for the European Commission approval.

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