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3rd Call for Proposals - Launched


   1. Subject of the Call

The Call is open only for the Thematic Objective HERITAGE within both priorities:

  1. Promotion of local culture and history.
  2. Promotion and preservation of natural heritage.

The Call is dedicated to micro-projects (projects with small budgets):

- implemented in the Programme area:

  • in Poland: Krośnieński, Przemyski, Rzeszowski, Tarnobrzeski, Chełmsko-zamojski, Puławski, Lubelski, Bialski, Ostrołęcko-siedlecki, Łomżyński, Białostocki, Suwalski sub-regions;
  • in Belarus: Hrodna, Brest, Minsk (including the city of Minsk) and Homiel Oblasts;
  • in Ukraine: Lviv, Volyn, Zakarpattya, Rivne, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblasts;

- offering mainly non-investment activities

- promoting following ideas and themes related to cultural, historical and natural heritage:

  • building of new cross-border citizens’ contacts and relations,
  • exchange of experiences and social initiatives,
  • common traditions of the borderland areas,
  • touristic and cultural endeavors,
  • cultural diversity and minorities and development of local communities,
  • new events related to culture, art, sport, education, promotion of history and natural heritage and all kind of similar events supporting cross-border cooperation.

- Every micro-project shall have the purpose in increasing the number of visitors of the cultural, historical or natural sites.

- Every micro-project shall have the cross-border nature and have partners from Poland and from Belarus and/or Ukraine.

   2. Duration of the Call

Call is opened from 15 November 2019 till 15 January 2020.

   3. Call allocation, co-financing and grants

The value of funds available under the Call amounts to at least EUR 1 286 000.

Micro-projects may receive grants from 20 000 to 60 000 EUR. The maximum level of co-financing is 90% of the eligible costs of the project.

   4. Submission of applications

Application Form shall be submitted only in electronic form, via Programme website and e-generator.

The e-application (generator) is an obligatory tool to create the final application form. It gives the possibility to put all the relevant information into the application form.
The generator installer is available for downloading from the individual Lead Beneficiary account. This account is necessary for the submission application forms to the Joint Technical Secretariat and must be created on the Programme website:https://www.pbu2020.eu/en/appusers/register Instruction on how to create this account is available here.

The deadline for submitting the Application Forms is 15th January 2020 (including this day, till 23:59 CET).

   5. Assessment and project selection

The expected deadline for project assessment is 2nd quarter 2020.

Project selection process and criteria are described in the Evaluation and Assessment Manual and Rules of Procedures of the Project Selection Committee.

   6. Application pack

All detailed information on the rules and requirements of the Call are described in the Application Pack, that is available here.

Folder contains the following documents:

  • Programme Manual
  • Annex 1 – Application Form
  • Annex 2 – Budget for the project
  • Annex 3 – Methodology of administrative costs calculation
  • Annex 4 – Application Form Administrative & Eligibility and Quality Assessment grid
  • Annex 5a – Specific procurement rules for Polish beneficiaries
  • Annex 5b – Specific procurement rules for Belarusian and Ukrainian  beneficiaries
  • Annex no 6 – Grant Contract
  • Annex no 7 – Partnership agreement
  • Annex no 8 – Brief Narrative Report
  • Annex no 9 – Final Report (narrative)
  • Annex no 10 – Final Report (financial)

Programme Manual presents general information on the Programme, formal requirements to be fulfilled by the applicants/beneficiaries and the submitted applications, assessment criteria, eligibility of costs, as well as questions related to project implementation.

English version of the documents is binding, nevertheless working translations into Polish, Russian and Ukrainian are also available on each language version of the Programme website.

Please read carefully all documents before submitting the Application Form.

   7. Support for the applicants

Programme website:

  • instruction for filling in the Application Form (download),
  • working translations of the application pack documents (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian languages),
  • Frequently Asked Questions section,
  • Presentations with general information on the Call (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian languages),
  • on-line training on the Application Form assessment requirements (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian languages),
  • partner search section with a list of potential institutions from all three countries.

Feedback on questions/doubts:

  • The beneficiaries could receive the written feedback on the requirements of the Call for Proposals by sending e-mail at pbu@pbu2020.eu. Questions will be answered at least once a week by a selected group of the Programme experts.

Individual consultations:

  • The individual consultations for applicants on the project idea and partnership will be organized in JTS and/or in the Programme Branch Offices after prior registration.

   8. Other important information

All specific information on the Call and planned support for applicants will be published on the Programme website, so please check it regularly.  





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