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Project of the week - HCS

29 / 03 / 2019
Category: Project News

Project “Joint initiative of the Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostroleka and Lviv Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital as increase of accessibility of health care services in the scope of modern surgery” (acronym HCS) is implemented under the Thematic Objective SECURITY. HCS project is a cross-border cooperation of two Polish and Ukrainian hospitals, struggling with the problem of outdated medical equipment, low access to modern medical service and limited access of the personnel to knowledge in a field of modern surgery. Third issue brought up in the project is the inhabitant's lack of knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the HCS project and the main challenge of involved Partners is to develop and increase access to high standard medical services in hospitals in Ostroleka and Lviv. The quality of provided services will improve after buying necessary medical equipment for minimal invasive laparoscopic surgery, in case of the Lviv hospital followed by some modernization. Important task of the project is an exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences between partners. Joint project activities involve opening telemedical centre, organizing workshops, trainings and study visits for hospital staff and above all, conducting life transmission from the operating room. Both Beneficiaries will benefit from practical knowledge of one another and take a role in creating joint procedures. Throughout the duration of the project the awareness campaign will be carried out for residents, regarding impact of diet and lifestyle on human health. Final beneficiaries of the HCS project are the citizens of the Polish-Ukrainian border areas.

The implementation of the project began on 2nd November 2018. Ukrainian Beneficiary registered the project in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on 19th December 2018. He also published tender procedures for the purchase of specialized medical equipment, which has already been finalized. The following medical equipment items were purchased: a powered ENT Instrument with console, microdebrider, handpiece drill with accessories and an anaesthetic machine and LED Lamp (part of the set to Operation Theatre). Polish Lead Beneficiary has started preparations for the tender for purchase of medical equipment for laparoscopic surgery, which should be announced at the end of April. One of the project activities was an opening conference held on 13th March 2019 in Ostroleka. Presentations and debate during the conference were focused, among others, on innovations and increasing the availability of health care services in the field of modern surgery.

According to the Grant Contract, the HCS project should last 24 months and be completed by 2nd November 2020.

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