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20 Years of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation: Summary of 20 outdoor events

29 / 12 / 2023
Category: Programme News

The end of the year is approaching, and with it we are concluding the celebration of 20 years of cross-border cooperation between Poland and Ukraine under European Union funds. It is a time for reflection and joy over the achievements we have accomplished over these years. It has been an amazing two decades for us, full of joint efforts resulting in interesting projects bringing tangible benefits to our common borderland.

As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, we organised 20 outdoor events where we presented the results of joint Polish-Ukrainian projects. During meetings in:

Przemyśl, Krasiczyn, Kosiv, Lutsk, Sokal, Vereshchytsia, Pip Ivan, Urych, Lviv, Kolochava, Rivne,    Kremenets, Drohiczyn, Choroszcz, Ostrołęka, Rzeszów, Siedlce, Lublin, Węgrów and Polańczyk

we presented the results of cooperation between beneficiaries in various fields, from heritage and culture to health and safety. Participants were able to visit science and culture centres, units of the State and voluntary fire brigades, watch the actions of GOPR rescuers, try out the equipment they had purchased, visit renovated monuments and a modern animal shelter, as well as take part in many interesting workshops, play “Wheel of Fortune” and listen to cross-border music.

The largest event, inaugurating the entire anniversary series, was the meeting in Przemyśl and Krasiczyn combined with the official opening of the Programme Interreg NEXT Poland – Ukraine 2021-2027 and the announcement of the first call for proposals.

In total, over 50 Polish-Ukrainian projects presented the results of their work at all 20 events. Participation in the events was open to the public and completely free of charge, attracting approximately 10,000 attendees.

Once again, our sincere thanks go to everyone who has been part of these 20 years. Your commitment and work has been invaluable and has contributed to the success of the individual projects and consequently the entire Programme.

We would especially like to thank those who were willing to show the results of their collaboration by presenting the results of their projects, for your time and great commitment. The events were co-created with us by representatives of the following projects:

BEC, BugCuisine, BugGuardians, BugUnitesUs, CarpathianBee, CarpathianSky, CBC4Animals, CONSART, COORDINATION, East_promotion, EthnicHeritage, EthnoTour, FolkArt , GAMPOL, GORGANY_HERITAGE, GothicWay, HemarHeritage, ICTCompet, K&K:PolUA, KoSol,, KraszewskiPolesie, MATSYK, MichaelAndYouth, MountainTaste, MUZA, OilCradle, OPALYN, PIMReC, PLUARoztocze, PROFolk, PUFL, ROSETTES , SafeTraffic, SECINCARP, SODR, SOSRescue, SPIDI, TouchingThePast, TowersMysteries, TwinMonasteries, , TwoTowers, UPLA, UrbanRivers, VIRTOUR, Wallachian, WOODENARCH, WoodenRoute.

The 20th anniversary celebrations are coming to an end, and we are looking forward to celebrating the Programme's next anniversaries, where we will boast about the new results of Polish-Ukrainian projects.

Take a look at our photo and video coverage of the 20th anniversary celebrations.


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