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Time for results: Trails for 4 seasons

25 / 10 / 2023
Category: Programme News

We invite you to follow the results of the joint work of Polish and Ukrainian partners within the PBU Programme, made possible thanks to co-funding from the European Union.

In the Cieszanów Commune and the Volyn Oblast, the natural landscape consists of upland areas with valleys and ravines. Their large part consists of forests, wetlands and marshes. These areas, are magnificent landscapes, beautiful nature, interesting culture. Due to the direct neighbourhood of the two countries, the interconnection of many economic, cultural and social interests, it is important to learn about their historical, cultural and natural heritage. The challenge that the project partners took on together was to show the inhabitants and tourists the richness and diversity of the border area and to raise the region's attractiveness.

The micro-project “4 Seasons - cross-border tourist routes” (acronym 4_SEASONS) was implemented by the Volyn Oblast Business Support Fund (UA) and the Cieszanów Commune (PL).

A general description of the 4_SEASONS project can be found under the 'Projects' tab.

The implementation of the project began in a rather unusual way. The inhabitants of Cieszanów and Volyn were invited to co-decide on the final shape of the project. The project's premise was to mark out eight hiking trails. What trails were created was decided by the residents taking part in a specially organised competition entitled “The Four Seasons”. 

Almost 30 proposals for a hiking trail were submitted. From these, the jury selected the four most interesting trail concepts for each season.

The project has created 8 hiking trails inspired by the four seasons, 4 in Poland and 4 in Ukraine.




On FB, the partners have set up two fan pages with information about the project:

PL     UA


The partners have also developed and published tourist guides about each of the 8 trails. The guides are in Polish and Ukrainian and can be obtained at tourist sites in Volyn and the Cieszanów Commune.


To strengthen the promotion of the project, the partners developed and recorded a video:


The "Tourist Mixer" event, organised as part of the project, was an opportunity to give a presentation about the Cieszanów commune and the Volyn region and to present the project's objectives and goals. The event was accompanied by a training course for people involved in the development and promotion of tourism entitled "Creating an individual route. How does it work and how does it affect tourism development?". During it, the winners of the "Four Seasons" competition were also awarded, and the whole event ended with a performance by folk artists from Poland and Ukraine.

Due to the pandemic, it was held in a hybrid format.


During the hybrid closing conference of the project in Cieszanów, the effects of the project were presented, including films of both project partners, tourist guides and leaflets promoting the project. A series of 2 training sessions were also held for 50 conference participants. A concert promoting the project also appeared on the Internet.

In order to promote the project effectively, a logo relating to the project themes was developed.

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