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Winners of the "ECO borderland" art competition.

22 / 05 / 2023
Category: Programme News

We are pleased to announce the winners of the "ECO borderland" art competition for children and youth. The aim of the competition was to popularise the results of projects related to the environmental protection and to promote the diversity and richness of nature in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.

Thank you very much for the effort and commitment of all participants - we received a total of 80 artworks - 32 from Poland and 48 from Ukraine! All of them were evaluated by a Jury appointed at the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme in Warsaw. It was not an easy task! Various visions and arguments clashed during the selection, but above all, we wanted to treat the submitted works as objectively and equally as possible.

We divided the works according to three age categories of their creators: 6-10, 11-15 and 16-18 years old.

Below are the winners.

From Poland:

Category 6-10 years old
1st place: Maja Dygoń
2nd place: Joanna Brodzisz, Nikola Juchimiuk
3rd place: Julia Dobosz, Emilia Torba
Distinction: Kasia Pachcińska

Category 11-15 years old
1st place: Daryna Voitsekhivska
2nd place: Amelia Mikołajczyk, Kamila Słota
3rd place: Zuzanna Wodzińska, Emilia Bieszczad
Distinction: Martyna Krasnowska, Antonina Sitarczuk

Category 16-18 years old
No entries

From Ukraine:

Category 6-10 years old
1st place: Ielyzaveta Chernei
2nd place: Varvara Shpachenko, Avhustyn Luchkevych
3rd place: Zlata Shakhova, Solomia Furman
Distinction: Milana Mykhalchuk, Veronika Kulchytska – Milkovych,

Category 11-15 years old
1st place: Sofia Lavreniuk, Dariia Fedosekina
2nd place: Ielyzaveta Rubel, Oleksandra Maslii
3rd place: Ivan Rubel, Oleksandra Ostapchuk
Distinction: Sofia Kharchuk, Zlata Piontkovska, Oleksandr Holovii

Category 16-18 years old
1st place: Serhiy Nahai
2nd place: Marta Dutko


Each participant will receive a commemorative certificate for taking part in the competition.

In addition, the most interesting works will be further highlighted and will appear on the Programme gadgets!

We also plan to create an exhibition of the submitted works at events to promote the Programme.

We thank all the participants in the competition and congratulate the award winners!


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