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Partner Search Forums in Rzeszów and Lublin

24 / 03 / 2023
Category: Project News

We would like to invite everyone interested in submitting applications under the upcoming call for projects for the Interreg NEXT Programme Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 to participate in Partner Search Forums. The aim of these events is to present the Interreg NEXT Programme Poland-Ukraine and support applicants in establishing project partnerships and identifying fields of future cooperation. Both forums will include lectures on the new Programme and good practices from previous years, meetings in thematic groups, 2-minute self-presentations of potential partners, exposition of their materials, screening of films promoting the Programme and projects implemented under it.

  • 18-20 April this year in Rzeszów - for applicants under the HEALTH priority (agenda)

In order to take part in the event, it is necessary to register via the registration form:

- registration for participants from Poland: here
- registration for participants from Ukraine: here
(English version: here)

registration deadline is 4th April.


  • 26-28 April this year in Lublin - for applicants in the ENVIRONMENT priority (agenda).

In order to take part in the event, it is necessary to register via the registration form:

- registration for participants from Poland: here
- registration for participants from Ukraine: here
(English version: here)

registration deadline is 12th April.


Separate registration for each event applies. Due to the limited number of places, registration for the Partner Search Forum is not equivalent to qualification. On the basis of the applications, we will qualify for participation in the Forum up to 1 representative of the notified institution/organization located in the area of the Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 Programme, a total of 50 persons from Poland and 50 persons from Ukraine, maintaining the proportion of applications for individual regions and priority for institutions and organizations that take part in only one event.

Qualified participants of the Partners Forum will be provided with (according to the options marked in the registration form):

  • 2 nights in single rooms with breakfast,
  • transport,
  • catering during the event,
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during the main parts of the event,
  • information materials.

Within 3 days of the registration closing date, qualified and non-qualified participants will be notified of the qualification results by e-mail to the address provided during registration.

Please note: Please make an informed decision regarding your participation in the event. Cancellation of participation after confirmation of qualification may result in the costs of unused accommodation, meals and transport being charged to the qualified person. The organisers do not assist with border crossing formalities.

 Information on Programme events is also available at the following addresses:

- for participants from Poland:
- for participants from Ukraine:

See you in Rzeszów and Lublin!

1st call for proposals shall be announced in May, the Call will last till end of July 2023. It will be devoted to Priorities HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT.
More info about the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine Programme can be found here and in the Programme document.

Please be informed, that partner’s search is constantly possible also using the Programme website and its special tab devoted to partnership building.

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