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PBU in Numbers: 113 Professional Trainings

22 / 08 / 2022
Category: Project News

Beneficiaries implementing projects with the Programme support have possibility to improve their professional skills and gain new qualifications. Within the Programme thematic objectives HERITAGE and BORDERS professionals from Polish-Ukrainian borderland build their capacity and expertise by exchange of personnel and conducting dedicated professional trainings and postgraduate educational programme courses

Under the Programme:

  • 25 HERITAGE and BORDERS projects included trainings and educational activities for professionals working in certain fields addressed by these projects;
  • 18 of these projects have been already completed.

       113  professional trainings

  • 113 trainings were organized for professionals and various institutions’ personnel. They included:
    • 41 trainings for 390 representatives of border and customs services;
    • 20 trainings for personnel responsible for natural heritage management;
    • 52 trainings for staff responsible for the management of historical and cultural management.


Additionally, within these projects beneficiaries organized:

  • 31 exchanges for professionals responsible for the management of historical and cultural heritage;
  • 8 exchanges for staff responsible for natural heritage.

Project examples:

  • project FriendlyBorders - international postgraduate studies for Polish and Ukrainian Border Guards;
  • project BorderProtect - trainings and exchanging good practices for border personnel;
  • project ROSETTES - workshops and trainings on exchange the knowledge and experience regarding common heritage between project’s partners personnel;
  • project CBCPaths - improved qualifications of tourist staff.

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