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Bodies and persons involved in the war-associated activities against Ukraine must be banned from financial support

30 / 06 / 2022
Category: Programme News

European Commission has adopted provisions concerning restrictive measures towards entities and persons that directly or indirectly support the military actions in Ukraine or they are responsible for those actions. The aim of the sanctions is to impose the limitations or excluding the possibility to support those bodies and persons by public funds.

We ask:

  • Programme applicants (where it is possible to start project before grant contract is signed) and
  • beneficiaries

to refuse granting procurements to bodies and persons that are subject to the restrictive measure, or to bodies and persons being in relations to the aforementioned ones.

If you identify such entities or related persons, you should exclude them from the proceedings and not conclude agreements with them.

The existence of such relations will be verified by programme bodies at the stage of project application and later on during the expenditure verification. If such associations with bodies and persons supporting war activities occur, related expenditures may be claimed ineligible in part or in whole.

Lists of bodies and persons encompassed by the restrictive measures can be found in the attachments to the EU regulations:

When granting procurements and awards it is recommended to request from the contractors declarations that a body or a person is not subject to the restrictive measures and is not associated with those ones that are subject to the restrictive measures. Draft declarations may be obtained from Joint Technical Secretariat.

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