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Time for results: Overcoming barriers to tourism development

31 / 05 / 2022
Category: Project News

We invite you to follow the effects of joint work of the partners from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine within the PL-BY-UA Programme, made possible thanks to co-funding from the European Union.

The micro-project "Together now – common promotion of culture and history of the Łęczna County and the Mykolaiv Region" (acronym TogetherNow) was created in order to more effectively use the potential of multicultural heritage of both partners involved in the project. Due to its location near to strong cultural and historical centres of Lublin and Lviv, the interest of inhabitants and domestic and foreign tourists in the heritage of Łęczna County (PL) and the Mykolaiv District (UA) is relatively low. The implemented project helped to overcome the barriers of cultural tourism development by intensively promoting both areas.

General description of the TogetherNow project can be found in the "Projects" section.


In front of the County Office building in Łęczna, the project partners organised an open-air photographic exhibition presenting the historical and cultural values of the Mykolaiv district. The project's virtual conference was attended by representatives of various circles of both communities and experts in the field of tourism. Participants discussed and exchanged experiences on the promotion of cultural and historical heritage, and competed in dedicated competitions.
On the social media of the County Office in Łęczna there were 5 posts with interesting facts and questions about the most important monuments of the Łęczna County and the Mykolaiv District.

The partners organised a photographic exhibition in the hall of the Mikolaiv District Council, presenting monuments and cultural objects of the Łęczna County.
Videoconference was held in a hybrid format in Mykolaiv. It was attended by representatives of partners, tourism experts, government officials, public figures. During the conference there was discussion and exchange of experience in the promotion of cultural and historical heritage. After the conference, participants in Mykolaiv had the opportunity to taste Polish regional cuisine.

All publications were published in three language versions - Polish, Ukrainian and English

"Easter egg" chapel in Mikolajow

"Łęczna County. Tourist guide for cyclists".

It contains a proposal of 4 bicycle routes facilitating exploration of the most important monuments of Łęczna County.

"Łęczna County. Tourist map for cyclists".

A tourist map of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District (Łęczna County and surroundings) with the most important cultural heritage objects marked, their description and photographs.

„Mykolaiv Region”

The map features the most important cultural heritage sites with descriptions and photographs.

"Łęczna County - a journey through selected objects of cultural and historical heritage"

The album contains photographs and short descriptions of the most important cultural and historical heritage objects located in the Łęczna County.

„Routes in the Mykolaiv Region”

Contains information and photographs of a cycle route leading through the heritage sites and monuments of the Mykolaiv Region.

The materials and information made available on the Internet are intended to serve as inspiration for interesting journeys:


Palace in Kijany

A virtual walk around 10 of the most important monuments in the Łęczna County

PL and UA versions


Android   iOS

Tourist mobile application in Ukrainian-English version with description of the most important sights. The mobile application contains the most important information about bicycle routes and a tourist map of the Mykolaiv District.


Tourists at the Orthodox Church in Dratów

In order to facilitate the access of tourists to the monuments located in the Łęczna and Mykolaiv districts, two tourist cycling routes with a total length of approximately 60 km have been marked. Metal information boards with the route map were placed at the beginning, end and in the middle of the route

  • Kijany-Zawieprzyce-Dratów-Puchaczów - 43 km
  • Mykolaiv-Rozdil - 13 km


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