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Additional funding for PBU Beneficiaries for actions supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians

18 / 05 / 2022
Category: Programme News

Invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces supported by Belarus affected a lot of people since 24th of February 2022 including the population of the Programme area. In order to support Ukrainians (victims of the war including Ukrainian refugees located in Poland) and assist the general system of help for Ukraine, the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine CBC Programme activated additional financing to be used by the Programme Beneficiaries (intermediary in providing assistance).
(Note - applies to ongoing projects, the financial situation and implementation progress of which allow for extension of the scope of activities and if the subsequent increase of the total grant value meets the Programme Manuals general requirements).

The funds may be used to increase the grants for projects in order to enable introduction of additional activities strictly supporting people fleeing from Ukraine or people in Ukraine within the scope of existing partnerships.
The additional Programme funds available for this purpose amount to 2 500 000 EUR (the rate of financing is 100% of total costs). The allocation for aid activities may be increased in case further savings are identified in the Programme budget.

For more details please follow the Supplement to the Programme Manuals related to suspension of the Financing Agreement, chapter 5.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 31st May 2022

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