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PBU in Numbers: 44 rescue vehicles

07 / 04 / 2022
Category: Project News


PBU Programme actively supports initiatives and actions to increase people, property and environment security of the cross-border area. Thanks to the projects, beneficiaries could improve the rescue centers and fire stations and purchased specialized fire as well as rescue vehicles. Joint actions on preventing disasters establish common platform for further coordination between projects’ partners.

Within the PBU Programme thematic objective SECURITY, Priority 3.2 Addressing common challenges in the field of safety and security: 

  • 9 projects were supported;
  • among them 4 projects have already been completed;
  • Beneficiaries will receive in total 18.1 M EUR of financial support.


44 rescue vehicles

Purchased 44 rescue vehicles were mainly fire-trucks, but include vehicles for ecological rescue, reconnaissance, water rescue, anti-gas/anti-smoke.

Increasing the safety and habitants’ security from ecological, fire and chemicals disasters, the beneficiaries also:

  • engaged 83 institutions for cooperation on these issues;
  • purchased 279 pieces of specialized equipment;
  • organized 87 events dedicated to security and safety awareness among people;
  • created 6 strategies on preventing and monitoring the response to emergency situations.

Thanks to all actions undertaken by beneficiaries, the response time to emergency situations of fire and security services involved in projects has been shortened by approx. 20 min.


More about PBU Security projects you can find on the website in the Project database.

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