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Information on further implementation of PBU projects

29 / 03 / 2022
Category: Project News


Following the Russian military aggression on Ukraine supported by Belarus, and in line with the decision of the European Council to suspend cooperation with Russia and Belarus, a meeting was held in Brussels to explore ways to continue the implementation of concerned European Neighbourhood Instrument CBC programmes. As a result, it was understood that Polish and Ukrainian beneficiaries can carry on the project operations.

Polish and Ukrainian lead beneficiaries and Polish and Ukrainian partners in those projects are advised to proceed with project implementation. At the same time, in case any beneficiary/partnership is unable to continue implementation of PBU cross-border project in the current format, such information shall be immediately submitted to the JTS.

Polish partners carrying out activities in projects with Belarusian lead beneficiaries will be contacted by the JTS in order to collect information on a possible course of action and necessary contract modifications.

The Managing Authority, in cooperation with the European Commission is working on a comprehensive solution that will enable proper implementation of planned activities by all Polish and Ukrainian project partners.

The JTS continues its regular work with the projects with special focus on maintaining of the crucial Programme processes including checks of documents, monitoring, and reporting.

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