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Cooperation in the face of war

11 / 03 / 2022
Category: Programme News

Assistance for beneficiaries of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine has taken on a new dimension. In the face of the war in Ukraine, cross-border cooperation is different. We try to support the beneficiaries of the Programme who are currently working in humanitarian offices where they collect and transfer items to regions affected by warfare. We respond to their reported needs.

Thanks to the generosity of the employees of the Center of European Projects and funds raised from the Programme, it was possible to buy and transfer transport with aid to the Administration of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region, a beneficiary of the SECINCARP project.
Together with a representative of the Lviv Branch Office of the Programme, in Rava on the Ukrainian side of the border, we handed over: over 100 pairs of military footwear, 120 sleeping bags, a similar amount of thermoactive clothing, gloves, chimney sweeps, fleece, medical supplies such as various types of bandages, dressings, orthopaedic collars, painkillers and foodstuffs to the amount of over PLN 100 000.

To everyone who joined this action - thank you very much for your support!

We are already working on organising the next aid transport.

And to support refugees that already crossed the border with Poland, Rzeszów Branch Office of the Programme transferred warm hoodies, blankets and tourist towels to the Bieszczadzki Poviat, beneficiary of two PBU projects.


Help for Ukraine

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