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We support and provide security

15 / 12 / 2021
Category: Project News


For more than 17 years of the Programme's operation, we have been supporting and helping beneficiaries to implement projects in various fields, improving the quality of life of the border areas, developing and enhancing cooperation between them. We carry out large-scale promotional and educational activities which disseminate results of the projects. We provide support to our beneficiaries at every stage of project implementation!

One of the four main thematic objectives of the Programme PL-BY-UA 2014-2020 is SECURITY, and within it the priority "Addressing common security challenges". Actions to protect the life and health of border residents are extremely important for the Programme. The Programme co-financed 9 cross-border projects in this priority, e.g. for fire prevention and effective coordination of rescue actions. You can find information about them in the Projects section of this website.

Raised problems and activities of the beneficiaries show how important is fire prevention, especially education and early response. In order to further strengthen the activity of the Programme in carrying for the safety of residents, we purchased over half a thousand smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and, in cooperation with the Programme branches, beneficiaries and competent services in all of the three countries, we distributed them in the Programme area.

The sensors have been distributed free of charge to firefighters of the State Fire Service Regional Headquarters in Rzeszów, the Association of Local Governments of Euroregion BUG, the Red Cross in Brest and local rescue services in Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattia regions, who in cooperation with local fire service units will pass them on to the most needy inhabitants. As the employees of the above-mentioned services confirmed, such action is particularly important for residents of remote places and especially now, during the autumn and winter time, in the fight against the silent killer – carbon monoxide.

The culmination of the action supporting safety and fire education was meeting on 10th December with representatives of local authorities from Siedlce and Siemiatycze. During the meeting, Andrzej Słodki, the Head of the JTS, handed over smoke detectors to the fire brigade units in Siedlce and to Voluntary Fire Brigades from the municipalities of Siemiatycze, Dziadkowice, Milejczyce, Nurzec-Stacja and Perlejowo.

Please visit the gallery below to see photo-report from the handing over of the equipment in Siedlce, Siemiatycze, Rzeszów and Lviv and video from the handing over in Brest:

Beyond provided action, we organize a contest on the FB fanpage of CBC Programme, where you can win additional 27 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In order to take part, just answer simple questions about carbon monoxide.

The contest lasts till 17th December, we invite you to participate!


Hanging out Sensors

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