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We have organized over 30 virtual  lessons "How are you doing?"

01 / 06 / 2021
Category: Programme News

In Ukraine and Belarus, pupils are just starting their summer holidays. With the last bell ringing for this school year, we end our promotional campaign "How are you doing?" - virtual Heritage lessons.

In April and May, we have organized around 30 lessons, involving more than 30 schools from Poland, 10 from Belarus, and 20 from Ukraine. The lessons, similarly to the projects implemented within the Programme, were held in cross-border partnerships, i.e. each lesson involved a Polish school and a school from Belarus or Ukraine.
During the lessons, we familiarized students with the subject of cross-border cooperation by showing examples of projects implemented with the use of European funds in particular regions.
Young people had an opportunity to practice their English by presenting their school, hobbies and nearest neighbourhood to colleagues participating in the lesson and inviting them to visit in the future.

We were pleasantly surprised by the creativity of the young people, they were eager to engage in discussions, answer questions about the cooperation, and had many ideas for a more effective promotion of the implemented projects. Here are some of them:

We will certainly use these ideas. We hope that the contacts made, thanks to our virtual lessons, will lead to longer cooperation between schools and encourage young people to take interest in EU projects and use their results. Many of our projects are implemented with the young inhabitants of border regions in mind.
A great summary of our joint lessons could be a slogan presented by one of the schools:

Let's get to know each other and become friends!

Thanks to these lessons, we got to know each other. Keep visiting the Programme website, we will have ideas for spending holidays with our projects and many interesting competitions with attractive prizes.

We would like to thank all schools for their active participation in the PBU promotional campaign!

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