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„How are you doing?” – joint virtual Heritage lessons for Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian schools

26 / 02 / 2021
Category: Project News

We invite schools from the Programme cooperation area to join a virtual lesson “How are you doing” organized by us (Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme – JTS). The schools from Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine will have the opportunity to meet together at joint virtual lessons devoted to various aspects of cultural and historical Heritage.

The schools shall apply together in the cross-border partnership (i.e. a class from Poland and a class from Belarus or Ukraine), we can organize also lessons for three classes (three countries included).
Duration of the lesson: 45 (2 classes) or 60 minutes (3 classes). The language of the Programme is English and we will try to communicate in English, but of course, if necessary, we will help with the translations.

Draft agenda

  • Self-introduction by the schools (classes)
  • Presentation of the PL-BY-UA Heritage projects (JTS)
  • Open discussion and exchange of various ideas

Goals and advantages of the lessons

  • To integrate the young generation from the three countries
  • to talk about joint history and culture and learn from each other
  • to enrich the profile of the lessons during the pandemic restrictions
  • flexible dates of the lessons to be agreed in advance with the JTS
  • After the lesson each school participating will receive a set of 5 high quality headphones with microphones - to be used in the class/school as an award or as a helping device in distant education/learning languages (delivery of the sets from Poland to Belarus and Ukraine may be postponed due to the shipment limitations)

The JTS will organize the lessons, providing their participants with links to the Zoom meeting.

How to take part

  • find the partner school from abroad (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine)
  • submit the on-line application form to order the lesson (until 12th March). On the first come first serve basis  
  • wait for our confirmation (until 22nd March)
  • agree the date of the lesson and
  • look forward to seeing your colleagues from the other side of the border!

Rules of the lesson you can find here.

In case of any questions please contact Agnieszka Ćwikła - (+48782110277)

See you soon!

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