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Project of the week - BugUnitesUs

17 / 01 / 2020
Category: Project News

River Bug and its surroundings are a natural treasure that unites three countries: Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, however its’ potential has never been reflected in tourism interest and regional development. For that matter, partners of the BugUnitesUs project, implemented under the thematic objective HERITAGE, decided to create new conditions and possibilities for this cross-border area. The Lead Beneficiary is Drohiczyn Commune (PL), and the other partners are Sokal District Council (UA) and Drahičyn District Executive Committee (BY).

More about the project can be found in an enclosed pdf file.

The implementation of the BugUnitesUs project began on 3rd January 2018. Since then a lot of work and efforts were introduced to meet the project objectives - the establishment of two water tourism trails leading through all 3 neighbour countries. In the beginning, the evaluation was prepared including rafting along the Bug and Muchaviec rivers to set the cross-border trails, daily kayaking tracks, spots for the warning and information signs, places which lack touristic facilities and finally places valuable due to its nature, culture or history. The project partners have in total 800 km of kayak trials to mark. The works are carried out simultaneously and tender procedures are being released. Furthermore, project activities concern establishing the resting spots along the kayak trails, where tourists can find shelter (25 resting spots will be created on the Polish side, 7 on the Ukrainian side and 4 on Belarusian side). In each of them, there will be information board and innovative megaphone, which will work as rain and rest shed and simultaneously a tool to listen to the wildlife. The megaphones and floating platforms are currently being prepared and are considered as objects of small architecture, do not require the construction permit. To fully explore the beauty of the landscapes, 8 observation towers will be constructed. Polish Lead Beneficiary signed the contract for the 3 towers and they will be finished by May 2020. The Ukrainian and Belarusian partners released tender procedures for their towers and are awaiting the offers. Finally, the major project activities: the Centres of Kayak Tourism in Sokal, Bielin and Drohiczyn are either under construction or during the renovation phase. The Polish partner is finalizing the interior works in the Center in Drohiczyn, the kayak simulator is already in place and all the accompanying equipment is ready. The official opening of this Center is planned in April. By this time the kayak exhibition and advertising activities will be carried out.

According to the grant contract, the project should be completed by 3rd July 2020.



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