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Interreg 30

Another grant contract signed

05 / 09 / 2019
Category: Programme News

On 4th of September at the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) another grant contract for the micro-project implementation was signed between its lead beneficiary - Association of beekeepers "Carpathian Eco-apiary" (Ukraine) and the Programme Managing Authority. The micro-project “Carpathian bee – joint actions for the preservation of unique natural heritage in Ukrainian-Polish borderland” (acronym: Carpathian_bee) will be implemented under the Programme Thematic Objective Heritage, priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage.

The Ukrainian-Polish borderland on its part covered by the Carpathians’ common ecological system has a great variety of flora and fauna. One of the aboriginal representatives of the Carpathians’ nature is the Carpathian bee (also called "Carpatka"). This is a local breed of bees, classified as mountain bees, resistant to harsh mountain conditions, effectively using a fairly short vegetation period. The existence of Carpatka bees is threatened by the use of pesticides and other civilization factors, and, from the other side, by decreasing interest in beekeeping among young people (in spite of its rich tradition in the Carpathians). Together with the lower honey consumption, this underestimated product disappears from tables.

In such situation, the Carpathian_bee project is becoming one of the most important ventures to counter these negative trends. The project partners plan the organization of workshops in Rzeszów, Honey Festival in Kolochava (Ukraine) and the final beekeeping conference in Kosiv (Ukraine). Among other main activities, two outdoor exhibitions will also be organized and publications promoting bees, honey and beekeeping will be prepared in the project. Finally, three thematic paths connecting local attractions related to this field will be created. Except for the lead beneficiary, project partners are Kolochava Village Council (Ukraine), Association of self-governments "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine" and Association for Development and Promotion of Podkarpacie "Pro Carpathia" (Poland).


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