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Polish-Belarusian Cross-Border Safety. Strengthen of fire and rescue services potential





Project type






Brest Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (, )


Hrodna Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (, )
Regional Headquarter of the State Fire Service in Białystok (, )
Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Biała Podlaska (, )

TOTAL BUDGET 4 571 670,00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 3 931 179,03 €

Project description

The cross-border territory is characterized by a unique natural potential (Belovezskaya Pushcha, Valleys of Bug and Narew). At the same time, such factors
as international motorways and railway routes, border crossing points, sewage treatment facilities, transit gas and oil pipelines, subterranean gas storage Pribuzhskoe (BY) pose potential threats in many areas. Protecting the population and environment against widespread fires and consequences of transport
and industrial disasters is a growing issue in the cross-border territories of Belarus and Poland. The overall objective of the SAFETY project is to increase the level of the population security and protection of the social sector and the environment.

The SAFETY project supports the creation of an efficient joint system of monitoring and prompt responses to various emergency situations in the cross-border territories of Belarus and Poland. As part of the project, the fire station in Kamianets will be reconstructed and two training centers for the rescuers in Brest
and Hrodna will be created and equipped. Special equipment for fire stations in Brest and Kamianets will be also purchased. Moreover, the partners will organize a cycle of thematic trainings for firefighters-rescuers and will raise awareness among the population of the regions.

Achievement of the SAFETY project results will improve the populations’ quality of life through the reinforcement of people’s property and ecological safety
in the cross-border territories of the Polish-Belarusian borderland. The project will create a more attractive region for inhabitants, tourists and investors.


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