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Lviv Polytechnic National University

Organisation name in national language

Національний університет "Львівська політехніка"


57 V. Chornovil, ave
79020 Lviv





Lvivska Oblast


1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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Name & surname

Orest Mukha

Position/function within the organisation

leading specialist




Project idea (in English)

To develop methods for biological reclamation of contaminated and saline soils on the basis of rapidly growing wood cultures Studies have confirmed the possibility of growing Salix in areas contaminated with heavy metals as a result of the active introduction of sewage sludge. Experiments with various Salix and Salix hybrids have shown that trees can successfully grow on such lands while at the same time clearing them of contaminants. The ability of willow planting to phytoremediation of individual heavy metals depends on the plant species. Thus, selecting appropriate subspecies of willow, it is possible to utilize certain contaminants from the soil and prevent their leakage into water bodies

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