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Project of the week - PLUARoztocze

11 / 04 / 2019
Category: Programme News

Project B(L)ike Roztocze together in spite of borders (PLUARoztocze) is a joint initiative of Zamość Commune (PL), which plays a role of the project lead beneficiary and its five partners from Lubelskie Voivodeship and Lviv Oblast. The project is implemented under Thematic Objective HERITAGE and is focused on promotion and preservation of uniqueness and a high nature-value of Polish and Ukrainian Roztocze.

The overall objective of PLUARoztocze project is to enhance the tourist potential of the Roztocze region and its recognition as well as to boost its promotion. The way to achieve it is through the protection of existing natural heritage and creation of a strong Roztocze brand. The main activities within the project are focused on improving the tourist infrastructure. First of all building and upgrading of a 327 km cycle route is planned. Accompanying infrastructure such as wooden shed, information board, cycler’s service points etc. will also be constructed. The PLUARoztocze project aims also as reducing the environmental degradation of the area and raising visitors awareness of nature protection. Numerous cycle tours, workshops and educational meeting are to be organized so to promote eco-attitude and consciousness among the visitors. Informational and tourist brochures on the topic of the natural heritage will be published. Strengthen Polish-Ukrainian cooperation will allow to achieve the goal and develop an attractive, linear tourist product - "together in spite of borders'.

The project has been implemented since 10th of May 2018. On 21st February 2019, lead beneficiary has signed the contract for construction of two wooden observation towers with elements of small architecture (information boards, bike racks, benches, bars for measuring tourist traffic) in the town of Lipsko-Polesie and Wierzchowiny village. On 25th of February 2019 lead beneficiary initiated also works on the reconstruction of the old school building for the future needs of the Geotouristic Center with simultaneously land development, arbor construction and "giants" 3D sculptures. . The Ukrainian beneficiary - Yavorivskiy Natural National Park has started the construction of an ecological and educational visit-center. Currently, the foundation has been laid, a drainage system has been made, works on the frame structure of the building are underway. In addition other activities are undertaken, for example: marking in the area of ​​the Central Bike Route of Roztocze, the establishment of recreational points and technical assistance stations for cyclists, organizing and conducting international bike rides with the Ukrainian-Polish Roztocze.

Other project partners (listed in the attached project description) also have already initiated their part of activities – once concrete results are achieved we will inform about them on the Programme website.

According to the Grant Contract, the PLUARoztocze project should last 24 months and be completed by 30th October 2020.

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